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Sensitive Kids Course

Sensitive Kids Course

Help your child integrate their sensitivity so they feel safe and connected to their bodies and the world around them!

Sensitive kids have heightened emotions.

The world can feel “too much”, too noisy, too rough, too many people… they get overloaded by an intensity that other people don’t even pick up on!

And parenting highly sensitive kids can be overwhelming too!

It’s hard to know if you should push them past their comfort zone so they can learn to be more resilient and they can learn to handle more, or if you should listen to their needs!

Does this sound like you?

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Hi, we are Eleanor and Emma, founders of The Reconnected.

Eleanor & Emma walking side-by-side in nature, with broad smiles on their faces
Together, we have built a global community of families that are changing the course of their children's future, co-regulating more effectively, and forming new patterns in their homes.

Our methods are grounded in practical strategies and integrated practice. Between us, we have qualifications in breathwork, play therapy, psychology and counselling. Plus, 11 beautiful children that fuel our mission and inspire a legacy.

Our signature course, Reconnected Parenting, was founded in 2019. It was broadly recommended and quickly expanded to additional specialty courses, a large digital community, and tens of thousands of new members each year.

Will you be next? Join us, and change your parenting experience forever.
Signed, Eleanor And Emma
Naturopath Sarah Mann, standing in front of a wood panel wall, looking to the side and smiling
We've teamed up with Naturopath Sarah Mann.

She brings her unique training in Anthroposophic Medicine to our community. Sarah specialises in supporting Sensitive Kids, to help them feel more at home in their bodies and the world.

Sarah has an affinity with Sensitive Kids, being highly sensitive herself as a child, and as a parent of a Sensitive Child!

Sarah has worked in both Steiner Education and Clinical Practice and has years of experience supporting families to be empowered caring for their Sensitive Kids.

She knows the incredible gifts that these kids have to offer and knows they can thrive with the right tools and support.

"Sensitive Kids" is a tender topic to our hearts.

  • We’ve parented them (so we actually know what it’s like to have kids who defy all the usual parenting tips)
  • We have our guest course creator, Sarah Mann who was a Sensitive Child herself (so we know what a positive impact someone who knows the Sensitive Child mind can make in the world), and…
  • We’ve now helped thousands of parents at The Reconnected to find ways that DO work with their Sensitive Child (so we know that there are solutions!).

To parent the Sensitive Child you need:

1. To understand their unique underlying needs

The answer to understanding how to nurture your child is by learning the unique underlying needs of Sensitive Kids.

We have found over many years that there are generally four needs driving Sensitive Children, and when we can understand and then meet these needs, life gets a whole lot easier.

The Four Needs of the Sensitive Child (TM) are;

  • Warming Up, Emulating the Boundary, Claiming Space, and Feeling at Home.
  • This is why you can have two or more Sensitive Children who are dramatically different because they have different dominant needs!
  • When you can identify what is going on for your kids, understand them and help them to meet these needs, you help them to reduce the intensity of high sensitivity!
  • This is the gamechanger that helps your child to respond to transitions, outside stimuli and new or unfamiliar situations.

2. Tools to cultivate the energy reserves to meet them consistently

Parenting Sensitive Kids can be overwhelming, frustrating and disheartening…because they just don’t seem to be able to cope with the simple day-to-day things that come easily to other kids.

Their constant anxieties can be very exhausting. If you’ve ever woken up feeling like you’re already walking on eggshells with your Sensitive Child you will know what we mean! 

The challenges of the Sensitive Child are made worse because we feel drained and tired by their constant need for emotional support and validation.

We need to build our energy reserves to have increased patience and ability to respond and be with our Sensitive Children. 

3. Willingness to take the path less trodden

It can be hard to trust ourselves as parents. The noise of parenting advice and strategies, plus the very real judgements from others can lead us astray from our innate connection and wisdom about what our child needs.

And having a Sensitive Child makes this even harder! 

But the irony is no-one ‘gets’ your Sensitive Child better than you!

This program reconnects you to what you know about your child, and helps you to trust yourselves more fully as the perfect parent for your Sensitive Child.

4. Community

Say no more right? How often have you felt like you are the only person whose kid doesn’t listen to them. Or felt on the outside cos you do things differently to your extended family or friends.

Maybe the other parents in your mothers’ group have kids who are ‘easy’, or perhaps you haven’t met parents who you resonate with yet. 

Our need for community and connection is real. We need people who ‘get it’ and who are here to hold space for us to find our own wisdom.

The thing is, if traditional parenting approaches were going to work with your child… they would have already.

Our unique blend of play therapy and Breathwork is a practical and embodied application of the latest research in attachment and nervous system regulation.

The parents who apply our approach are thriving…
"This work is profound, it is life-changing, it is earth-changing."

This course includes:

Practical Play Therapy & Naturopathic Activities

Each week has new suggestions, strategies and activities to meet the underlying needs of your sensitive child.

These are based on Play Therapy and Eleanor’s experience working with thousands of families over the years.

As well as Naturopathy, Anthroposophic Medicine and Sarah’s experience in clinic working with her community of families!

These will help you to feel equipped to respond in the moment when things are draining and tiresome, AND are also activities you can do daily or weekly with your child so as to meet their needs and fill up their cup ahead of time.


Included in this course are guided breathwork journeys.

This is where we start walking the talk and really connecting with our breath, our nervous systems and gently allowing the insights from the course to deeply integrate so we can embody the change we want to see in our families.

Our way of working with the breath is a level deeper than using the breath to relax and calm down.

We will show you how to use the breath to more deeply connect with your authentic self…(which is usually the part of you that your Sensitive Child needs most).

Lifetime access to written activities

Each week has comprehensive written materials for you to move through in your own time.

When you sign up, you have lifetime access to these materials.

The course is designed to meet your child wherever they are at…no matter the developmental stage.

So you can be assured that you can reuse the materials over and over again as needed, at the touch of a button.

Sensitive Kids Forum

As parents, you can sometimes feel like you’re completely alone.

Like your situation is so particular that nobody could possibly understand how you’re really feeling. Especially when it’s the middle of the night, you’re exhausted, and you’re swimming in the guilt of all the things a ‘great parent’ would have done, but you didn’t. (Note: that ‘great parent’ you see on Instagram is probably feeling exactly the same.)

When you join us and the forum of hundreds of other kindred spirits, you’ll never feel alone again.

During active coaching rounds, get the opportunity to connect and reflect with our team of Reconnected Coaches and Mentors, as well as the community of parents who are moving through the difficulties of supporting their Sensitive Children!

The parents who've applied our approach are thriving!

What people are saying...

The Reconnected Brand Icon

Hey, it's Emma here!


For years I didn’t recognise how sensitive my son really was…

I always thought he was Strong Willed, because he could be really inflexible, whiny, and seemed to get stuck on needing small things a certain way…

I was implementing everything we teach in our Reconnected Parenting course, yet something was missing…

He was really affected by loud sounds, picked up other people’s emotions, and struggled with transitions.

After working with Sarah, our family naturopath, it turns out, he is highly sensitive! He picks up on so much of the environment and gets overwhelmed!

Since we have been approaching his sensitivity in a way that meets his needs… EVERYTHING has changed.


What you'll learn:

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Meet your guides


Breathwork Practitioner &
Yoga Teacher

Emma Alta, The Reconnected Co-Founder

Emma (@newearth.mama) is a successful self published author and qualified in a Mastery in Rebirthing Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga, Advanced Theta Healing & Mind Body Intuitive. In her past she has been professional ballerina and top model working for vogue, harpers bazaar and walking in London, Milan, Paris and Sydney Fashion week shows. Now, she is walking the path of conscious living with her young family.


Children’s Play Therapist, Breathwork Practitioner, Counsellor

Eleanor Mann, The Reconnected Co-Founder

Eleanor is registered counsellor, holding a BA of Social Science (Counselling), a BA of Psychology (Hons), a Diploma in Breathwork, and a Grad Diploma in Child Centred Play Therapy. Eleanor is Co Founder of Reconnected Parenting and brings to the program a decade of working with parents as a counsellor, breathworker and play therapist, and over 15 years of personal practice in Breathwork and personal development.

Signed, Sarah

Naturopath, Anthroposophic medicine

Naturopath Sarah Mann, standing in front of a wood panel wall and smiling

Sarah is a qualified Naturopath with training in Steiner based Anthroposophic medicine, children’s health & development and somatic based Non-Linear Movement Method. She brings a unique perspective to parenting, nutrition, play and herbal medicine. She is particularly passionate about supporting people in their process of unfolding, exploring the meeting point between psychospiritual and emotional wellbeing in health and personal development.

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Your purchase includes:

A supported journey to deepen your understanding of your Sensitive Child. Get expert guidance from parents and therapists who truly understand the challenge of raising Sensitive Kids.

So you can understand;

  • How to parent a sensitive child, honouring their needs while also giving them your confidence
  • How to transform their sensitivity into a gift of perception that feels safe and strong
  • How to help them develop boundaries and self-confidence
  • How to nurture a child who is soft on the inside and strong on the outside
Infinite access to the Sensitive Kids Course
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Infinite access to the Sensitive Kids Bonus Library

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"I have 3 highly sensitive, neurodivergent children. This was life changing! My son began showing us these magnificent things going on in his brain, laughing out loud and expressing himself so freely."
Kortney, USA


Reconnected Parenting is a six week comprehensive parenting journey. 

When you join Reconnected Parenting you sign up for lifetime access to six weeks of learning in-depth play therapy model to use with your children, and also a complete approach to conscious parenting from the heart, how to heal from your own childhood and be more intentionally present with you children. 

Both courses are based on principles of connection, attachment, Breathwork, neurobiology and play therapy so the approach is similar, yet the content in this Sensitive Kids Course is presented with a very specific focus on the needs of Sensitive Kids and on the specific challenges they present us as parents.

Generally you will need around 1 to 1.5 hours. That includes reading the materials and completing the exercises.

Some parents prefer to take more time and move through the course at a slower more manageable pace. Either way, you have infinite access to the Sensitive Kids Course so there is no need to rush.

Sensitive Kids Course: Infinite Access

Sensitive Kids Community Forum: Future Access (open during active coaching rounds only)

Sensitive Kids Bonuses: Infinite Access

The skills you learn in the course are ideal for children of all ages because we are learning new ways to be with emotions within us and our children no matter what age.

We see this work as being adaptable for your child as they move through each phase of development.

Absolutely! You can do the course together. We ask that you purchase one course per family and do not share the materials otherwise.

YES! This program is perfect for anyone who is called to work with children. Our habitual ways of relating to others are activated by all children in our care and we are in the perfect position to relate consciously as teachers/educators.  

We believe that the more people who are able to hold space for children, the better for our whole community!

It takes a TRIBE!!

Please note however, you will not receive any certification or qualification for completing this course, it is for personal development only.

Yes, all our courses are designed to be inclusive for all children.

During active coaching rounds, you get the opportunity to ask our Reconnected Coaches and Mentors questions on how to tailor the content to your child’s needs.

Please email with your question. We are a tight-knit team & will endeavour to reply to your email within 2-3 business days.

No, however you can view all the materials via the Reconnected Network.

As this is a digital product, there are no refunds available.