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Your child doesn’t need you to be ‘calm’ all the time.

Let go of the myth of the ‘regulated all the time’ parent, and find a way to be more authentically present when it matters most.

Welcome to a modern, innovative approach to parenting that bridges intuition and neuroscience to connect you with what really matters in your daily life with your kids.

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Reconnected Parenting

Our signature course has helped thousands of parents to create moments of true presence, joy and connection with their kids.

Create new, healthy family patterns.

Hi, we are Eleanor and Emma, founders of

Reconnected Parenting
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We warmly welcome you to a new paradigm of parenting... a more modern, intuitive and value-aligned approach.

Together, we have built a community of families that are changing the course of their children’s future, co-regulating more effectively, and forming new patterns in their homes.

Our methods are grounded in practical strategies and integrated practice. Between us, we have qualifications in breathwork, play therapy, psychology and counselling. Plus, 11 beautiful children that fuel our mission and inspire a legacy.

Our signature course, Reconnected Parenting, was founded in 2019. It has been broadly recommended and quickly evolved into the global movement that exists today.

Join us, and change your parenting experience forever.
Signed, Eleanor And Emma
"The Reconnected has become a solid anchor in my life. I don't spiral down into the despair of guilt anymore, and my window of tolerance has expanded ten-fold."
Caron, South Africa
Caron, South Africa
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Beyond our signature course, we offer additional programs with a more specialised focus
Help your kids to regulate, process their experiences, and build a positive self-concept with this free, 3 day Nervous System Reset.
Be the present, authentic and regulated parent that you want to be. This free, 5 day Breathwork course will help you get there.
Create the daily space you need, to be the present, authentic, regulated parent you want to be. Release stress, anxiety and overwhelm, permanently.
Calm negotiating and empathic communication don’t 'work' with strong-willed kids. Learn to create smooth days from start to finish.
Sensitive Kids feel everything, hear everything, see everything. Get guidance on how to turn your child's sensitivity into a superpower.
Learn to recognise and release your anger. Discover what is making you so angry, and how to do something about it!

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Strong-Willed Child

Does your child say ‘no’ all the time, have to have things their way, or need to be in the lead? About 20 percent of children have unique needs that make them more Strong Willed than other children. 

Sensitive Child

Does your child seem to get overwhelmed by things that other people don’t even notice? Find out whether your child experiences the world in a more intense and deep way compared to others.

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