Reconnected Parenting Programs

Flagship Course
An illustration of a mother sitting on the floor alongside her child
Reconnected Parenting Course

A new paradigm of parenting

Our signature course has helped thousands of parents to create moments of true presence, joy and connection with their kids.

Create new, healthy family patterns.


Beyond our signature course, we offer additional programs with a more specialised focus
Calm negotiating and empathic communication don’t 'work' with strong-willed kids. Learn to create smooth days from start to finish.
Sensitive Kids feel everything, hear everything, see everything. Get guidance on how to turn your child's sensitivity into a superpower.
"There hasn't been a night where I lay in bed regretting how I reacted to their emotions for a long while. In my opinion this course is the best every parent can do for themselves and their kids!"
Heike, Germany
Heiki, Germany