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Create the daily space you need, to be the present, authentic, regulated parent you want to be.


Struggling to remain regulated in the face of daily challenges?

The Nervous System Reset is a program designed to teach you how to use the breath to release stress, anxiety and overwhelm from your body and your life. Permanently.

It is possible! The answer is in the Nervous System.

See, we all have a dominant stress response as parents. You may have heard of the fight, flight, freeze and fawn responses. Most people are a mix, but will also have one dominant stress response.

Which one are you?

The Yeller

Fight Response

Feels powerless against the rage and is in constant regret about yelling at their kids or has their teeth gritted to avoid exploding.

The Hustler

Flight Response

Is constantly busy. Often unable to stop and switch off, they lose themselves in tasks or use tasks to avoid the stress of parenting.

The Avoider

Freeze Response

Feels stuck in life and is in a constant state of indecision. Feels blank and says ‘I don’t know’ a lot.

The Pleaser

Fawn Response

Apologises a lot for no reason, feels like they are a burden and are stuck in a cycle of going with what other people want.

Learn to overcome the patterns that are keeping you stuck.

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Hi, we are Eleanor and Emma, founders of The Reconnected.

Emma and Eleanor standing side-by-side amongst the trees and smiling
Together, we have built a global community of families that are changing the course of their children's future, co-regulating more effectively, and forming new patterns in their homes.

Our methods are grounded in practical strategies and integrated practice. Between us, we have qualifications in breathwork, play therapy, psychology and counselling. Plus, 11 beautiful children that fuel our mission and inspire a legacy.

Our signature course, Reconnected Parenting, was founded in 2019. It was broadly recommended and quickly expanded to additional specialty courses, a large digital community, and tens of thousands of new members each year.

Will you be next? Join us, and change your parenting experience forever.
Signed, Eleanor & Emma

It is common to feel you can't control the way you react when you are stressed.

The kids fight…you grit your teeth the first 10 times and then explode. Even if you promised you would have a better day today. 

You avoid hard conversations with people for fear of getting into disagreements.  

Or you feel that anxiety rising up, as you hover over your kids, or jump in trying to fix the next argument before they’ve even started fighting!

You know you want to respond differently, you know you’re triggered AND you know how you want to respond (calmly and kindly)…but you cannot change the way you react in those stressful moments.

This is where the breath comes in.

Your daily reality CAN in fact be completely different.

At The Reconnected we teach a Breathwork style that releases the habitual stress responses gently over time, which allows us to live with more intention, more presence and more joy.
Get regulated and stay regulated. This course is space for;
  • The ‘Yeller’s’ fight response to be felt, acknowledged and then grounded in a safe and integrated way, creating the inner space to respond differently. Finally.
  • The ‘Pleaser’ to get back in touch and committed to themselves, which means they can finally discern where their responsibility begins and ends.
  • The ‘Avoider’ to gently set themselves back into motion. To know themselves, to hear their intuition, and to trust each step they know is next.
  • The ‘Hustler’ to finally arrive in the present moment. Here they realise there is nothing they need to escape from and they submerge their entire being in their eternal parasympathetic presence.

But don't just take our word for it...

"What I gained was a deeper intimacy with my nervous system. Rewiring it feels so powerful."
"I got an understanding of what my body was trying to do to keep me safe."

This course includes:

21 Day Guided Breathwork Program

LIVE daily Breathwork classes with Emma and Eleanor via our Reconnected App. Replays available immediately.

Showing up for your practice without missing a day, has NEVER been so effortless nor so fun!


Infinite acced to our growing bonus library

As a bonus feature of the 21 Day Nervous System Reset, you will gain infinite access to a growing BONUS library, including advanced webinar replays, stress archetypes guide, and many more!


First edition The Reconnected x Delta Venus 'I AM' Affirmation Deck

The perfect complement to your daily breathwork practice.

The exclusive first edition The Reconnected x Delta Venus ‘I AM’ affirmation deck, is available to purchase as an add on to your 21 day Nervous System Reset Program! 

(free worldwide shipping included)

This first edition deck will not be available to purchase individually. 

What you'll learn:

What people are saying...

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Meet your guides

Signed, Emma

Breathwork Practitioner &
Yoga Teacher

Emma Alta, The Reconnected Co-Founder, with her partner and 5 children

Emma (@newearth.mama) is a successful self published author and qualified in a Mastery in Rebirthing Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga, Advanced Theta Healing & Mind Body Intuitive. In her past she has been professional ballerina and top model working for vogue, harpers bazaar and walking in London, Milan, Paris and Sydney Fashion week shows. Now, she is walking the path of conscious living with her young family.

Signed, Eleanor

Children’s Play Therapist, Breathwork Practitioner, Counsellor

Eleanor and Mirabai standing next to each other smiling

Eleanor is an expert in the field of Breathwork and a registered counsellor, holding a BA of Social Science (Counselling), a BA of Psychology (Hons), a Diploma in Breathwork, an Advanced Diploma in Breathwork Mastery Trainer, and a Grad Diploma in Child Centred Play Therapy. Eleanor is Co Founder of Reconnected Parenting and brings to the program a decade of working with parents as a counsellor, breathworker and play therapist, and over 15 years of personal practice in Breathwork and personal development.


The LIVE Breathwork classes will be held daily at 7am AEDT within the Reconnected App.

Replays will be posted immediately.

At the beginning of the Reconnected Breath course, we recommend setting aside 1.5 – 2 hours to watch the instructional videos and read the materials.

Included in the course are two Breathwork audio practices (15-minutes and 45-minutes), which can be used outside of the LIVE Breathwork sessions if you wish!

Some choose to use the 15-minute practice daily as an extra session.

The 45-minute practice is ideal to use once a week.

If this is not realistic for you, you can also complete the course ‘self-paced’ style, as additional learning materials.

We are using a restorative breath that intentionally activates the rest and relax response and is restorative to the physical system.  We still resolve and integrate emotional and cognitive experiences, but more gently, without circular breathing.

Please chat with your primary healthcare provider about whether this will benefit you. Due to the self-help nature of the course it cannot replace one to one care nor is it intended to treat nor diagnose medical conditions. Many mainstream practitioners will be supportive of including a breathing program within your treatment plan so don’t be afraid to chat with them about it.

No, however you can view all the materials via the Reconnected Network.

Replays will be available until 26th February 2024. 

As this is a digital product, there are no refunds available.

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Create the daily space you need, to be the present, authentic, regulated parent you want to be


$ 350
1 x Single Payment
  • 21 Days of LIVE Breathwork Sessions with 28 Days Access to the Replays
  • Introduction to Breathwork Class
  • Two Nervous System Masterclasses
  • Infinite Access to the Bonus Library

Payment Plan

$ 179
2 x Monthly Payments
  • 21 Days of LIVE Breathwork Sessions with 28 Days Access to the Replays
  • Introduction to Breathwork Class
  • Two Nervous System Masterclasses
  • Infinite Access to the Bonus Library

Questions? Please email support@thereconnected.com

Your purchase includes:

A supported journey to deepen your understanding of your Nervous System. Get expert guidance from Breathworkers and therapists who truly understand the challenge of managing the stress of parenting and everyday life.

So you can;

  • Manage your stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Be the parent you want to be
  • Become free to choose how you respond in reactive moments
21 Days of LIVE Breathwork
Infinite access to the 21 Day Nervous System Reset Bonus Library​

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But don't just take our word for it...

"Would I suggest that you join? 100% without a doubt. Your body, mind, spirit and soul will thank you."
"Within two days, I felt space that I hadn't felt in a really long time...within two weeks I felt like I had found a miracle."
"Yes! I would recommend this course to absolutely anyone, if you are here watching these testimonials then this is for you!"
"Through everything else I had tried, NOTHING else was working!"